How Long Will A Consultation Last?
Approximately 1hr 15minutes

What Can You Expect From A Consultation With Me?

1. DISCUSSION: At your initial appointment I spend the first 20 minutes taking a detailed case history, including your current symptoms and note carefully any prescribed medications. I use a holistic approach which means I look at you as a whole, physically, mentally and emotionally, and not just the presenting symptoms. This is a time for you to talk and be heard.

2. KINESIOLOGY: I will then use kinesiology (explained here on my Kinesiology page) to check how well organs are functioning. With this knowledge and the medical history I choose a selection of herbs and acupunture points to fit the needs of the patient.

3. HERBAL MEDICINE: I check the suitability of each herb using the kinesiology muscle test. Mostly I use herbs in tincture form, mixed together in a bottle with an instruction label on how and when to take them. Visit my Herbal Medicine page.

Acupuncture is usually included in each treatment but some adults cannot cope with needles so it can be omitted – the same with children but some children like the experience. I find acupuncture balances the whole body, is calming yet energising and enhances the treatment. Visit my Acupuncture page.

Hopi Ear Candling is an additional therapy that I use as an optional extra for certain conditions for both adults and children but can be used as a standalone therapy. Hopi ear candling is a very gentle, relaxing, non invasive therapy that can be used for ear problems such as wax, sinusitis and vertigo. Visit my Hopi Ear Candling page.

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