I finally got all the plants into my new shrubbery at the front of my house!

I am delighted as I can watch it mature and produce flowers at different times of the year.  I feel the virus is giving all of us the opportunity to be still, take a good look at what we are doing/creating within and around ourselves.

Basically we have accepted wearing seat belts, not smoking indoors so is wearing a face mask so bad?

I have been making a few masks but am trying out different styles.  As today’s fabrics are so lovely you can choose a mask to enhance your outfit!!

I am learning a new way of life and rejecting FEAR!




















The greatest gift “Lockdown” has given me is “GRATITUDE”.

Wonderful neighbours, the food we eat, the beautiful countryside,

the herbal formula I created that has helped a lot of lovely people

stay calm and relaxed as fear explodes all around us.



CELERY is rich in flavanoids therefore any diet high in flavanoids reduces the risk of any type of cancer.

Celery is rich in Vitamin K and a study indicates that people taking high levels reduces the likelihood of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Therefore drinking celery juice or eating celery is beneficial in many ways!

Pure, White and havoc for the brain.

MSG or Monosodium Glutamate

MSG, often called Chinese Salt, flies under the banner of a brain transmitter substance called excretory amino acids.  It raises the blood glutamate concentration to potentially neurotoxic (nervous system) levels.

Mostly we are not aware of eating it! Have you ever been extremely thirsty or headachy after a “carry out”? However there is a lot of it in processed foods!

Free glutamatic acid is produced as a by product of many food manufacturing processes and is found in hydrolysed proteins (like stock cubes), plant protein extracts, sodium and calcium caseinate, yeast extracts like Marmite, autolysed yeast and textured protein like Quorn.  Spread a nut butter or an avocado on your toast not Marmite.

It has been shown that MSG can cause nervous system damage in the very young resulting in ‘miswiring’ of the brain.  This can lead to serious behavioural problems like hyperactivity, aggression, attention deficit disorder and poor learning.

Apparently a lot of high end restaurants use it to “enhance flavour”.

FRESH is best but once a month will do no one any harm especially if you drink lots of water afterwards!



Toothpaste is so important as the health of our gums often reflects the health of our body!!

If you do have inflamed or bleeding gums this is usually a sign of poor health in general.

I have Gum Herbs which are applied directly to the gums and are magical for healing the gums in a  very short time and also helps to alleviate pain.

Wededa do several toothpastes – my favourite is Calendula!

Other natural varieties are Jason Anti-plaque and Tartar control, Optima Aloe Vera Co Q10 and there are lots of others.




Our face is usually the first thing other people see and we always want to look our best.

Good health starts with eating cleanly and flushing our system our with lots of water.

Applying  natural creams or oils free from parabens, SLS, petrolatum, artificial colours of phthalates to mention a few.

Most over the counter creams are full of “baddies” and don’t assume that because it is sold in a health food shop that it is healthy and natural.  READ THE LABEL!

I am going to mention a few of the natural ranges that I like.In the Jason range there is an anti-aging sculpting treatment cream that I would use at bedtime. I also like the Weleda range – there is Wild Rose, Sea Buckthorn oils or body lotion.  Weleda do a wide range of natural facial care items!  Avalon Organic is another range.


Track your water intake to ensure your’re drinking as much plain, still water as you think you are.  Suggestion – fill 6 mugs/glasses with water in the morning and each time you drink one, wash used mug/glass and put back in cupboard.

Monitor your flushes to see if they are associated with certain foods or drinks.

Check over your supplements because high dose of things like vitamin B3 can cause flushing.  I you are taking a multivitamin and adding other supplements on top of it, you may end up with quite a bit going in without you realising how much.

*Magnesium and Sage are helpful.

Eat an earlier, lighter evening meal to subdue night sweats.

Eat regularly throughout the day, focusing on relaxing and chewing thoroughly to get the best from your food and keep your blood sugar stable.  Take some chromium if you feel your blood sugar is wobbly.

Taken from a Healthy Way Magazine Issue 10 by A Vogel

*I make up herbs tailored to individual needs.


Deficiency of D can cause bone disorders, cramps muscle weakness, tooth decay and other problems.
It helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus for teeth and bones.
Helps regulate heart beat.

Sources of vitamin D – found in oily fish, mackerel etc., egg yolk, margarine and sprouted seeds.

It contributes to :-

a.  The normal absorption/utilization of calcium and phosphorus.

b.  Normal blood calcium levels.

c.  Maintenance of normal bones and muscle function.

d.  Maintenance of normal teeth and normal function of the immune system.

e.  Has a role in the process of cell division.

Vitamin D3 drops are available from me .

SKIN HEALTH continued

B VITAMINS:  are also important for skin health, especially riboflavin (B2) and pantothenic acid (B5) as they are reported to reduce facial oiliness.  Indeed many nutritional deficiencies of the B vitamins can be detected through skin health, such as, cracking at the corner of the mouth can be a deficiency of B2 and B6, as can red greasy skin at the side of the nose.  Low levels of B12 and folic acid can result in a pale complexion and a general deficiency of the B vitamins is implicated in eczema

CHROMIUM:  it is thought that the skin’s glucose tolerance is significantly impaired in those with acne, which makes chromium a particularly important nutrient in this situation.

SKIN HEALTH (continued)

FISH OIL:  omega 3s in the diet act as natural waterproofing for the skin and can be considered moisturising from the inside. This may help the skin to look more hydrated and improve vitality.  Omega 3s also help to control skin problems caused by allergies and are especially useful for inflammatory skin disorders such as eczema.

ZINC: stimulates the healing of wounds and skin irritations, which makes it especially useful for skin complaints such as acne and ezema.

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL: is useful for many skin problems, particularly inflammatory skin disorders such as eczema.

To be continued.

Taken from a Lamberts Healthc