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Aluminum is not particularly good for living organisms especially man made aluminum.

Aluminum Chlorohydrate is a synethic ingredient of many anti-perspirants and artificially impedes one of the bodies natural processes – sweat formation. It blocks our ability to excrete sweat therefore our body no longer can naturally use sweating as cooling mechanism or as a way to expel toxins.

There are lots of natural deodrants/antiperspirants – Salt of the Earth, Weleda and the Jason range
to name but a few.


Be aware of what you apply to your skin!

Don’t use soaps (shower gels, body wash and shampoo) that have a miriad of different chemicals in them.

There are so many good sources of natural soaps.  Have a look in a health food shop (Jason range, Weleda, Avalon Organics, Neals Yard to name a few).

Or for example you could buy almond oil and add a few drops of essential oils of your choice and apply them to your skin and you could have a different perfume every day!


Have you thought about the types of fabric that you wear next to your skin??

Synethic fabrics such as nylon, rayon, lyrica, acrylic and polyester don’t allow your skin to breathe properly.  So wear cotton, silk or wool next to the skin.  Falke make socks and tights with wool, silk and cotton.  They make a lovely fine sock that you can wear comfortably with shoes.  SocksFox online a good source).

The palms of your hands and soles of your feet particularly are full of sweat glands so try not to suffocate these areas with nylon socks or non leather shoes.

Next time – What you apply to your skin!!!!!