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Track your water intake to ensure your’re drinking as much plain, still water as you think you are.  Suggestion – fill 6 mugs/glasses with water in the morning and each time you drink one, wash used mug/glass and put back in cupboard.

Monitor your flushes to see if they are associated with certain foods or drinks.

Check over your supplements because high dose of things like vitamin B3 can cause flushing.  I you are taking a multivitamin and adding other supplements on top of it, you may end up with quite a bit going in without you realising how much.

*Magnesium and Sage are helpful.

Eat an earlier, lighter evening meal to subdue night sweats.

Eat regularly throughout the day, focusing on relaxing and chewing thoroughly to get the best from your food and keep your blood sugar stable.  Take some chromium if you feel your blood sugar is wobbly.

Taken from a Healthy Way Magazine Issue 10 by A Vogel

*I make up herbs tailored to individual needs.


Deficiency of D can cause bone disorders, cramps muscle weakness, tooth decay and other problems.
It helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus for teeth and bones.
Helps regulate heart beat.

Sources of vitamin D – found in oily fish, mackerel etc., egg yolk, margarine and sprouted seeds.

It contributes to :-

a.  The normal absorption/utilization of calcium and phosphorus.

b.  Normal blood calcium levels.

c.  Maintenance of normal bones and muscle function.

d.  Maintenance of normal teeth and normal function of the immune system.

e.  Has a role in the process of cell division.

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