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ALOE  VERA is an extremely easy plant to grow in the house.

It produces lots of babies, regularly, which can be transplanted.  I you ever want a plant just ask as I have lots!!!  The secret is not to over water it.

Its healing powers are magnificient!   It is bactericidal, antibiotic, analgesic for mild degree of pain.  Also helps stop bleeding.  Contains 18 amino acids and vitamins.  It also helps eliminate toxic minerals from the body.

USES  FOR  ALOE  VERA  –  Great for burns – sunburn, radiation burns, oven or cooker burns.  It soothes almost instantly.

Internally it can be taken for indigestion and stomach ulceration.

Externally it can be used for acne, leg ulcers, nappy rash.  The uses are limitless!

HOW TO  USE  ALOE  VERA  –   simply cut off a leaf (I usually seal the cut on the plant with Slippery Elm powder or plain flour).  Slit along the leaf and apply the gel found inside to the affected area.