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Hawthorn berry gives us a beautiful white flowers in the spring time and vibrant red berries in autumn.  Birds are wise because Hawthorn berries are very energising and give them strength and protection in the winter months.  They are are a positive heart restorative herb which helps to dilate the blood vessels, acts as an antispasmodic, is anti-hypertensive,a diuretic and calms the nervous system.  It also acts as a cholesterol and mineral solvent. In other words it helps to increase the blood flow through the heart, and improves circulation in the coronary arteries.

Hawthorn berry helps to sustain the heart during extreme training programmes.  Dr D. Green Ennis Co Clare gained an international reputation for treatment of heart disease (keeping the remedy secret).  Upon his death that his daughter revealed it as a tincture of red ripe Hawthorn berries.  Taken from Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine by Thomas Bartram.




Winter is upon us and it is time to add the lovely comforting warm clothes that are now so necessary with the chilling winds. It is as necessary to protect ourselves against the external cold as to boost our immune system to protect us from the viruses and bacteria that are starting to float around.
I am writing to share some tips for winter wellness.

We drive around in centrally heated cars, work in centrally heated buildings and live in centrally heated homes. It is most important to drink water when it is cold to keep our body fluid levels correct. It also helps to flush out toxins, bacteria etc. Warm water is absorbed much more quickly and efficiently than cold water.

There are lots of herbs which help to boost your immune system eg. Wild Indigo, Myrrh, Echinacea are a few examples. I have my own “Antibiotic/Immune Booster Formula” which contains at least 7 different herbs in either liquid or capsule form which can be taken as required.
(NB These are not pharmaceutical antibiotics)
As far as I am aware no one has had any untoward effects to date.

Wrap up warm, drink lots of hot water and make an appointment for a health balance to aid you through the winter months!

Be happy