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I have been visiting Vivien now since August 2016. She was highly recommended to me by a friend, after my long serving acpuncturist
decided to retire. I have suffered from chronic pain due to prolapsed discs both at the bottom and middle of my back, and over time have
discovered pain reducing injections from the chronic pain clinic plus good quality acupuncture has been the best means of effective pain
Vivien’s website allows the visitor to email her with particular queries or concerns prior to making an appointment which I think is her
own very fair and honest way of discovering whether she can indeed be of help to potential patients.
Wherever you are travelling from you will be assured on a good clear day of a spectacular drive through some of Co. Down’s most beautiful
scenery, the Mourne Mountains beckoning away in the distance as the sunlight dances off the hillsides. It really is a gem of a journey!
When you meet Vivien you will find that here is a healer who listens and listens well to her patients. Her knowledge is wide ranging and
exceptional. She reflects on how her unique skills can help the individual further. Two examples of this would be her own pain relieving
creams with Marigold and another with Jasmine and Wild Lettuce. On hearing that I had had cellulitis in both my arms, and hands last summer
due to being bitten by insects while on holiday, she mixed a natural spray for me to use on my arms, legs, hands and feet with lavender
as its base. Did it work? Well let’s just say I returned to Scotland this year complete with spray. No insects. No cellulitis!
Said spray is now an essential part of the Crozier travel kit.
But the best and perhaps most unique part of the time spent with Vivien is that consultations and subsequent treatments are done in an
atmosphere of great kindness and a genuine desire to help. Good common sense advice re lifestyle choices are given, but they are subtle –
the many many benefits of water, especially warm water. Yes with Vivien’s gentle ways they are even resonating with me. Vivien is someone
who cares.
Thanks to Vivien the plehtora of industrial strength pain relieving drugs are now much reduced if they are there at all now.
I like many others count myself extremely fortunate to have found her.
Elaine Crozier (Belfast)2017

Vivien is a first class herbalist, acupuncturist and kinesiologist who has treated me many times with great success.  She has a wealth of tools in her therapist tool kit so most people will surely feel better after a treatment.

Sonia Longridge&nbsp

I have been treated by Vivien since 2008. I was guided to her when I became suddenly, severely ill and was forced to give up teaching.
My eye paralysed for months and there was peripheral double vision for years. My torso felt as it it had been scalded for 6 weeks and I lost
almost 10 kg of weight in the 6 weeks. This was only partly diagnosed at the start and 18 months later was proved to be a brain stem incident
(small areas of brain damage showing on an MRI). Thankfully problems decreased over the years and only minor inconveniences remain.
Prior to this I was becoming interested in alternative medicine.
From the start, I felt Vivien could help me as she was so sincere and caring. I truly believe treatment from Vivien was crucial to my recovery/
healing at that early stage. I trusted her to use her experience and draw on a variety of therapies, as she worked with me weekly over the
first few months and then the gaps became longer. I have seen her at 5/6 week intervals for the last 8 years mainly for some back care,
acupuncture and any other therapy that will keep pain at a bearable level. I have found her herbal treatments to be very helpful.
I also receive a lot of support and encouragement from her as I helped my elderly mother and cope with my husband who has become increasingly
disabled since his early retirement in 2007.
I know life would be much more difficult without her healing touch, love and friendship. I really look forward to each appointment and am
delighted when each reminder comes by text!

Vivien is a first class herbalist, acupuncturist and kinesiologist who has treated me many times with great success.  She has a wealth of tools in her therapist tool kit so most people will surely feel better after a treatment.

Sonia Longridge

 I suffered pain and greatly restricted movement with a frozen shoulder for many months, with only partial relief from the use of painkilling rubs and tablets. Eventually I contacted Vivien and after only a few sessions of acupuncture and massage the symptoms eased dramatically. I have full mobility in my shoulder again and, thankfully, I am pain free.


I have been attending Vivien for hormone/menopausal problems and general well being over the last 6 years. I have found it to be of great help and still attend regularly for an M.O.T.!!!

I. C.

Quote from dentist

“Whatever you are doing to your gums, keep doing it because the haven’t been this Good for a long time”

I had been using Gum Herbs obtained from Vivien.

L. McI.


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