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Home Healing With Nettles

healing northern ireland nettles

What is in a NETTLE (Urtica dioica)?
Energy low, weary, no motivation. Winter takes its toll on all of us (young and old) and now I am calling / urging you take action. God gave us the most magnificent gift of NETTLES.

Yes, I did say nettles – Packed full of nutrients, they are just starting to push their way up out of the dark soil into the light, for our healing.

Over the next two months pick these new vital plants packed full of:
Vitamins/Minerals—calcium, magnesium, manganese, high in chlorophyll, silica, acetylcholine, serotonin, silica, histamine, vitamins A, B, C, K and iron
Polysaccharides (complex sugars (natural))
Lectins ( large protein-sugar molecules)
Natural painkillers
Anti-inflammatory properties
In peak season contain 25% protein

When to use:
As a blood tonic and cleanser
Boost iron levels (anaemia)
Pain in joints (helps clear out uric acid) and muscles
Intestinal problems
Skin problems (eczema/acne)
Hay fever / anti asthma properties
Urinary tract infections
Benign enlarged prostate
Can, in some cases, help to reduce raised blood pressure

What is in the sting?
The main chemicals are histamine, acetylcholine and 5 – hydrooxytryptamine (serotonin – helps regulate mood, appetite and sleep). On the leaves and stems are stinging hairs when brushed against break and then act like a hyperdermic syringe that injects histamine and other chemicals into the skin of humans or animals. Remember when stung a natural remedy will often be found close by. The leaves of dock contain chemicals that neutralise the sting and also cool the skin.

Making a simple nettle tea:
Pick fresh nettle heads – 4 to 6 about 6 inches long, wash and place in a jug or clean tea pot plus a few mint leaves (optional). Pour boiling water on top. Using a clean wooden spoon, mash the leaves a few times and leave to infuse for 10 mins. I usually half fill a cup with the infusion, top up with boiling water and drink. It is a subtle green tea. Drink 1 to 3 cups daily. Think of it as a detox but I prefer to think of my body being revitalised by the SUPERFOOD gift from God.

Nettles and wild life:
The nettle supports 40 species of insect including some of our most colourful butterflies. And for the gardener it is a rich source of nitrogen and can be used as a liquid fertiliser.

National Be Nice to Nettles Week 18 – 29th May 2011.
Book “ 101 Uses for Stinging Nettles” by Piers Warren ISBN 9780 954 18 9990
Important: always check with your GP that any herbal remedy is safe and suitable for your condition.

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