Monthly Archives: February 2019


Receiving my annual reminder for an eye test has prompted me to remind you all of the importance of eating greens e.g  wild rocket, spinach, kale, broccoli etc., for healthy eyes.

Approximately 15 years ago I was diagnosed with early onset Macular Degeneration (This is like having freckles at the back of your eye which when left untreated causes impairment of central vision).  When this happens you cannot read you have only got peripheral vision.  I did a lot of research and discovered the major importance of green leafy vegetables!  I eat a very large amount of leaves with a tasty chilli sauce or dressing plus lots of other vegetables that you enjoy in a salad e.g. tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, grated carrot.  Adding in a crunch e.g. pine nuts, cashew nuts.

Have you ever tried Marigold Savoury Vegan Engevita which has a cheesy nutty taste and has lots of B vitamins, zinc and iron and gives it a wonderful flavour.

Let not forget carrots which are full of Vitamin A necessary to help us see in dim light.  Eyewise has zeaxanthin and lutein these are very necessary for eye health.



Your body needs exercise every day!

A good vigorous walk is sufficient (100 steps a minute for 20 mins.)  That gets everything moving and slightly speeds up the heart rate. By walking it helps to prevent degenerative diseases e.g. osteoporosis or cardio vascular events e.g. heart attack.

Power walking burns off more calories than running at a similar speed.  Remember to breathe deeply to fill your lungs while walking.  If walking is difficult due to painful conditions try swimming daily.

Don’t eliminate fats from your diet!

Fats are necessary as they play an essential role in maintaining a healthy body, and are one of the most vital ingredients for a functioning brain (cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are more often associated with memory loss and general mental decline).  Cholesterol is even more important as we age, when we need fats and cholesterol to “feed our brain”.