Your body needs exercise every day!

A good vigorous walk is sufficient (100 steps a minute for 20 mins.)  That gets everything moving and slightly speeds up the heart rate. By walking it helps to prevent degenerative diseases e.g. osteoporosis or cardio vascular events e.g. heart attack.

Power walking burns off more calories than running at a similar speed.  Remember to breathe deeply to fill your lungs while walking.  If walking is difficult due to painful conditions try swimming daily.

Don’t eliminate fats from your diet!

Fats are necessary as they play an essential role in maintaining a healthy body, and are one of the most vital ingredients for a functioning brain (cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are more often associated with memory loss and general mental decline).  Cholesterol is even more important as we age, when we need fats and cholesterol to “feed our brain”.

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