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Toothpaste is so important as the health of our gums often reflects the health of our body!!

If you do have inflamed or bleeding gums this is usually a sign of poor health in general.

I have Gum Herbs which are applied directly to the gums and are magical for healing the gums in a  very short time and also helps to alleviate pain.

Wededa do several toothpastes – my favourite is Calendula!

Other natural varieties are Jason Anti-plaque and Tartar control, Optima Aloe Vera Co Q10 and there are lots of others.




Our face is usually the first thing other people see and we always want to look our best.

Good health starts with eating cleanly and flushing our system our with lots of water.

Applying  natural creams or oils free from parabens, SLS, petrolatum, artificial colours of phthalates to mention a few.

Most over the counter creams are full of “baddies” and don’t assume that because it is sold in a health food shop that it is healthy and natural.  READ THE LABEL!

I am going to mention a few of the natural ranges that I like.In the Jason range there is an anti-aging sculpting treatment cream that I would use at bedtime. I also like the Weleda range – there is Wild Rose, Sea Buckthorn oils or body lotion.  Weleda do a wide range of natural facial care items!  Avalon Organic is another range.