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Pure, White and havoc for the brain.

MSG or Monosodium Glutamate

MSG, often called Chinese Salt, flies under the banner of a brain transmitter substance called excretory amino acids.  It raises the blood glutamate concentration to potentially neurotoxic (nervous system) levels.

Mostly we are not aware of eating it! Have you ever been extremely thirsty or headachy after a “carry out”? However there is a lot of it in processed foods!

Free glutamatic acid is produced as a by product of many food manufacturing processes and is found in hydrolysed proteins (like stock cubes), plant protein extracts, sodium and calcium caseinate, yeast extracts like Marmite, autolysed yeast and textured protein like Quorn.  Spread a nut butter or an avocado on your toast not Marmite.

It has been shown that MSG can cause nervous system damage in the very young resulting in ‘miswiring’ of the brain.  This can lead to serious behavioural problems like hyperactivity, aggression, attention deficit disorder and poor learning.

Apparently a lot of high end restaurants use it to “enhance flavour”.

FRESH is best but once a month will do no one any harm especially if you drink lots of water afterwards!