Slippery elm

This is THE most amazing healing powder.

It soothes inflammation along the whole of the digestive tract.  For mouth ulcers it is mixed with gum herbs and packed over ulcer and left to dissolve.

Slippery elm is a long lasting antacid barrier.  Once water is added to the powder it becomes like a gel coating any inflamed or ulcerated areas from mouth to anus.  It settles nausea/vomiting.  Taken before a journey ti can help prevent travel sickness.

Slippery elm is useful in cases of gastro-oesophegeal reflux.  Helps settle diarrhoea/diverticulosis, colitis, irritable bowel.

I add herbs to slippery elm powder to help draw out pus e.g. boils, breast abscess, leg ulcers, infected wounds.

Truly a magical herb!

Herbs can be obtained in capsule form.  Be sure to check that it is pure I.E.NO PACKERS.

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