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  1. DO make sure you are well hydrated with warm water during the day.
  2.  DO get ready for bed, then run 6 – 8 inches of cold water into the bath and walk up and down in the water for five minutes, dry your feet and go to bed. DO put 4 drops of Rescue Remedy in a cup of warm water and drink half all hour before bed time.
  3. DO rub Rescue Remedy into the soles of your feet before getting into bed.
  4. DO take a few minutes to empty the TOO busy mind. Light a candle (flame removes negativity and has a calming effect) and release all of the days problems i.e.:- Slowly go back through your day letting go of anything that was a problem/unnerving, or something that keeps popping up and will not go away easily – spend time with it and say “I recognize you and l now release you with love (or to Divine Love). We tend to beat ourselves up with our thoughts continuously.
  5. DO breathing. It is a wonderful way of stilling the mind. Close your eyes and breath in slowly/steadily (count 4) hold your breath (count 2) breathe out (count2). As you count your mind can’t dance around. Continue breathing “thinkfully” by breathing in PEACE, and breathing out stress/or anxiety. Repeat several times breathe in LOVE/HARMONY breathe out negativity. Repeat several times.
  6. DO ask your Angels for help, your sleep Angels – they are wonderful.
  7. DO watch funny programmes.
  8. DO have a good laugh with a friend.
  9. DO have a 10 minute walk before bedtime
  10. DO enjoy the evening sky, sunset, stars, moon.
  11. DO appreciate the abundance all around, – home. friends, the countryside and all of Nature.
  12. DO heal arguments before bedtime.
  13. DO forgive yourself and the recipient if you have had a disagreement. It all adds up to a more restful mind.
  14. DO massage back of knees in an upwards direction 10-20 tunes before getting into bed.
  15. DO Before bed take one or two teaspoonfuls of honey or organic honey, by itself; or add to milk, or add to a glass of hot water with the juice of half a lemon.
  16. DON’T watch the bad news before bed.
  17. DON’T read the bad news in the newspapers/
  18. DON’T watch gory films before bed
  19. DON’T go to bed angry or hungry.


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